Student Recital Information

Student Recital Fees, Policies and Procedures

  • The School of Music does not accept any paper copies/PDFs of the STUDENT RECITAL REQUEST FORM or JURY FORM. All student recital requests are done online through the School of Music Website via the link to the student recital forms (Google Forms/PDFs). All recital forms can be found on the SHSU School of Music website: School of Music > Current Students Home > Recital Procedures.

  • All recitals must be scheduled a minimum of ONE MONTH (30 days) prior to the recital request date. Fall recital scheduling opens early August and Spring scheduling opens around early November each semester.

  • Student Recital fee payment of $50 must be placed in Marketplace before scheduling your recital. THIS PAYMENT IS NON-REFUNDABLE and there are no cancellation refunds. Here is a direct link: Recital Fee - Fall and Spring (
    • (Note: Full recitals are $50 and are for one hour, partial or half recitals scheduled for 30 minutes but still cost the full recital amount of $50. If you are holding a joint recital, the fee is $25 each for a total of $50 which would make use of a full hour.)

  • Communicate with your instructor to choose a viable recital date and dress rehearsal that works for you, your instructor, AND your accompanist if applicable. A change in date after initial scheduling is subject to a date change fee.

  • Once you have paid the recital fee and chosen recital and dress rehearsal dates, ensure the dates are available by one of the following three methods: ask your instructor to check the shared Outlook Music Calendar; stop by the School of Music office and request to check availability with the front desk; or email Kelli Irwin at with the date range you are interested in and she will email you a current screen print of the calendars current availability.

  • After paying and picking a valid recital date and dress rehearsal time, submit the Google STUDENT RECITAL REQUEST form:

  • On the Google STUDENT RECITAL REQUEST form, list two sets of dates for both your recital date and your dress rehearsal in case the first sets of dates you selected are no longer available. 
  • All scheduling is completed on a first come, first served basis. Dates will not be held or reserved until payment has been completed and the Google Student Recital Request form has been submitted.

  • When you have your recital date/time, the Recital Program PDF Form must be emailed to the Program Administrator. They must receive this form a MINIMUM of 2 weeks (10 BUSINESS DAYS) prior to your recital. 

  • Your instructor must complete the Google STUDENT RECITAL JURY REPORT:
  • Student recitals are “firmed” up in the calendar once your instructor completes, signs, and submits Google STUDENT RECITAL JURY REPORT form.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you have completed all of the required forms. Each student should receive a confirmation email from Kelli Irwin once she has received the completed Student Recital Request Form and payment verification. Complete the Technical Needs Form PDF Form, as well as the Video Record Permission PDF Form (if applicable) and email to Greg Pickett at 

  • If the required forms are not completed or meet the required deadlines, this could result in: no programs, no concert attendance workers, and no recording engineers at your recital! ALL deadlines must be met, no exceptions!

  • Kelli Irwin and  must be made aware two weeks in advance of any cancellations for recitals.

  • Standard Scheduling Recital Times
    • All recitals must adhere to the following start times unless otherwise granted prior approval. Additionally, all recitals will take place in the RH unless otherwise given prior approval for a new location through the SoM office, through Dr. Plugge and your instructor.
    • Standard times for recitals: 11:30am, 1:30pm, 3:30pm, 5:30pm, and 7:30pm.

  • Recital Reception Order Form
    • Sigma Alpha Iota offers reception packages. If you are interested, please notify the front desk and they will be able to provide you with a Sigma Alpha Iota Reception order form.

Links to Forms for Student Recitals

Listed Below are the individual links to each of the required student recital forms:

Student Recital Request Form: (Google Form for student to complete)

SHSU Student Recital Request (

Student Recital Jury Report: (Google Form for Instructor/Faculty to complete)


Recital Program Form: (PDF for the student to complete and email to

Student Recital Program Form (

Recital Technical Needs Form: (PDF for the student to complete and email to Greg Pickett)

Technical Needs form.pdf (

External Video Recording Permission Form: (PDF for the student to complete and email to Greg Pickett)

Video Recording Permission Form.pdf (

Student Recital Fees

Below contains more in-depth information regarding the guidelines, fees, and charges concerning reservation for your student recital.

Student Recital Fee

All recitals must be paid in advance through Marketplace. Once the payment has been completed, a notification is sent to Kelli Irwin in the SoM office and an acknowledgement will be sent to whoever’s name is on the card payment. The Student Recital fee is $50. Payment is NON-REFUNDABLE and there are no cancellation refunds. Below is the direct link to pay your recital fee in Marketplace:

Recital Fee - Fall  and Spring (


Full recitals are $50

Partial/half recitals scheduled for 30 minutes are still $50

Joint recitals are $25 each, for a total of $50

Change of Date Request

There is an additional $20 charge for any recital date change request. This $20 fee is to be paid in addition to the $50 recital fee. To pay this fee go the School of Music > Marketplace, and click on Recital Date Change Fee. Proof of payment via Marketplace will be email directly to whoever’s name is on the card payment as well as to Kelli Irwin:

Recital Date Change Fee (

Cancellations: (no refunds)

If a date has already been scheduled for your recital and it is later determined that you want to move the recital to either a new time, a new date, to the next semester, or if you are wanting to cancel, please note that there are no refunds and in order to schedule a new recital you will need to pay the date change fee. The exception to this would be if you did not pass your jury, which means you would need to repay the full recital amount due in order to hold a new recital date.