Innovation Day

2024 Innovation Day

The 2024 Innovation Day aims to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the SHSU community by providing a platform for aspiring, innovators and researchers to showcase their groundbreaking ideas and gain valuable insights into commercializing their innovations.

This event will feature a National Science Foundation's Innovation Corps (I-Corps) session, designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge for successful commercialization, and culminate in an exciting Pitch Competition, where participants can present their ideas to a panel of expert judges and compete for funding and other necessary resources to bring their innovations to market.

General Information

  • NSF I-Corps Session

    The purpose of the NSF I-Corps Informational Session is to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the National Science Foundation's Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program. This session aims to inform and empower innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs by highlighting the resources, mentorship, and funding opportunities available through the I-Corps program, ultimately helping them to transform their groundbreaking ideas into successful, market-ready products and services.



    Saurabh Biswas, Executive Director for Technology Transition, Texas A&M University

    Dr. Biswas has over two decades of experience in medical technology innovation, senior management, and venture investment. As Executive Director of Technology Transition, he leads technology translation and collaborates with federal agencies, businesses, and venture communities in healthcare, energy, computing, space, and national security. Leading an NSF-funded Innovation Hub, Dr. Biswas has driven entrepreneurial initiatives across the Texas A&M System since 2012. With 24 patents and co-founding five healthcare startups, he has served as CEO, CTO, and COO. Dr. Biswas, a frequent speaker at technology events, holds a Ph.D. from Texas A&M and completed MIT’s Executive Program in Finance. His accolades include Senior Member of the National Academy of Inventors and Outstanding Young Alumni at Texas A&M University.


    Lenae Scroggins, Program Manager, National Science Foundation I-Corps Program, Texas A&M University

    Lenae Scroggins is a program management professional with over 40 years of experience in strategic planning and program development, bridging academic and for-profit sectors. Lenae specializes in business structure for enterprise scale-up, market entry, and business launch, as well as mentoring managers. Currently, she is with Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station, supporting the Technology Transition unit. As Program Manager for Texas A&M University System's NSF I-Corps Program, she provides leadership and guidance to science-based startups, fostering entrepreneurship and accelerating the commercialization of innovative technologies.

    Smith, Kerri_Headshot_2023.jpg

    Kerri Smith, Associate Managing Director, Rice Alliance

    Kerri has broad experience in developing strategies and leading nationally recognized programs that help maximize the success of technology-enabled startups. Her experience includes entrepreneurship education, startup acceleration, commercial readiness, and technology licensing. As a senior leader, Kerri has provided leadership, oversight, and strategic direction for commercialization, entrepreneurship, and technology transfer initiatives.Kerri joined Rice University in 2004 where she serves as Executive Director of the Clean Energy Accelerator, Associate Managing Director of the Rice Alliance, Director of Rice's NSF I-Corps™ Southwest Region Hub, and Advisor to the OwlSpark Tech Accelerator. In all positions, she plays a lead role in enabling entrepreneurship and accelerating the formation of scalable, tech-enabled startups.

  • Innovation Pitch Competition

    The submission window for the 2024 Innovation Pitch Competition is now CLOSED. Thank you for all your submissions.

    We are thrilled to announce this year's finalists! Congratulations to:

    Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 4.30.33 PM.png

    • Hosam Abdelhady, College of Osteopathic Medicine
    • Jordan Clark, College of Science and Engineering Technology
    • Elisa Salem Hermann, College of Arts and Media
    • Qingzhong Liu, College of Science and Engineering Technology
    • Junkun Ma, College of Science and Engineering Technology
    • Robert Milner, College of Business Administration
2023 Pitch Competition Awardee

2023 Pitch Competition Awardee, Dr. ABM Islam, Department of Computer Science.

  • Learn More About Dr. Islam's Pitch

    The Thin Line: Painkiller to Life-Taker 

    In the face of America’s urgent opioid crisis, an exciting new app brings hope straight to your smartphone! Using Machine Learning technology, this app monitors opioid use and jumps in with help before it is too late. It tracks your medication habits, gives real-time feedback, and educates you about safe opioid use—all in a friendly, easy-to-use format. Whether you are in Texas or anywhere in the nation, this app is a powerful ally in the fight against opioid misuse, offering community support and links to professional help. Ready to revolutionize opioid safety? This app is not just a tool—it is a lifeline for healthier communities. Let us tackle this crisis together, one tap at a time! 

    Working on "The Thin Line" app has been a pivotal experience, effectively bridging academic research with industry application. The external coach was crucial, opening up real-world perspectives and investor insights, which enhanced the approach. This project exemplifies how innovative solutions can meet practical needs while engaging stakeholders meaningfully. I sincerely thank the ORSP and SHSU for their all-out help and for proceeding further with a patent application. It encourages me as a researcher. However, the funds I received have already been used to design and develop the app. One graduate student has been working on that, and I am hopeful I will finish the app development phase soon.